Peter Strickland
“I asked myself, ‘Should I buy myself a one‑bedroom flat in Bracknell or should I make a revenge film in Transylvania?’"
Peter Strickland's first feature film Katalin Varga was a micro‑budget rural revenge drama, which went on to win numerous awards. His follow‑up Berberian Sound Studio was named British Film of the Year at the 2012 London Critics' Circle Film Awards. In 2013/14 Strickland collaborated with Bjork to create Bjork: Biophilia Live. Strickland’s third feature film, The Duke of Burgundy, was released in 2015. He also founded The Sonic Catering Band and the Peripheral Conserve label. The label’s output varies from field recordings to sound poetry, Krautrock and modern classical in very limited vinyl editions.