The Sonic Catering Band
Trim off the roots and stems from the turnips and slice thinly. Pour vegetable oil onto frying pan. Heat and add the sliced turnips. Fry until the turnips become soft and slightly golden. Garnish with pepper and oregano.
The notion of the Band was/is to employ a similar approach to electronic music as to (vegetarian) food; taking the raw sounds recorded from the cooking and preparing of a meal and treating them through processing, cutting, mixing and layering. No source sounds other than those coming from the cooking of the dish are used and as a commitment to artistic integrity, every dish is consumed by all members of the Band. The Sonic Catering Band was specifically conceived as a project and not a band as such. The aim of the project being to plough and furrow as meticulously as possible every possibility inherent in the cooking process, both aurally and conceptually. Current band members include Peter Strickland, Tim Kirby, Colin Fletcher and Dan Hayhurst.