John McGrath
"I think the important thing to say about a big idea is that it’s got to be generative. It can’t be a big idea that says, ‘This is what we’re going to do, and everybody has to do what we think should be done’. It has to be a proposition, something that people can respond to."
John McGrath trained as a theatre director in New York. In 1999, he relaunched Contact in Manchester and earned the theatre a global reputation for innovative engagement with young people. Since 2009 he has been founding Artistic Director and CEO of the critically acclaimed National Theatre Wales. He is the author of Loving Big Brother (Routledge 2004), about art in the surveillance age, and been awarded a NESTA Cultural Leadership Award, a Doctorate from New York University and an Honorary Doctorate from the Open University. In September 2015, John McGrath will become the new artistic director of the Manchester International Festival.